"On the eve of a nightmare, the bonds of peace have been broken!"

Moon Colony Moori is no more. The global political sphere is tense.

Across the Earth, the international forces of the Kinheir Peace Armament struggle to both preserve and reform a war-torn World Union. Challenging these new peacekeepers at every turn are rebel factions and a band of mercenaries with ties to a borderless black market fanning the flames of conflict.

But even as soldiers, citizens, and politicians clash with hopes of a better tomorrow, a celestial menace continues to cast its ominous shadow over the planet, threatening to consume all of humanity.

Adam Jhen, having abandoned the life of a soldier, searches for the brother he once presumed was dead. However, this quest for answers from a man who has persisted in a parallel phantom existence will have consequences beyond Adam's comprehension. An alien invasion is coming, but the targets will not be as expected. The ARM X's true battle is about to begin, and the world will have more to fear than the technological weapons of man or alien, for the greatest dangers may lie in the graves of ancients!

"There may yet be a future..."